The Exchange Club of East Dallas was created on August 14, 1948. The first members, as well as every member who has joined thereafter, accepted the Covenant of Service to ideals and goals of The Exchange. They pledged to "serve in unity with those seeking better conditions, better understanding, and greater opportunities for all." They also accepted as their motto "Unity for Service."

The club has followed this pledge for over fifty years and has made a difference in many ways to individuals in need who live in our community. From the beginning, the club emphasized the needs of children and has served the community in a wide variety of needs including: Youth of the Year Scholarship, Give a Kid a Flag, EXCAP (child abuse prevention), Scholastic News "Americas Leading News Source FOR KIDS", and The Dallas Junior Golf Championship.

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  • Tenison Park Golf Course 3501 Samuell Blvd,
    Dallas, TX 75223

  • First Tee The Exchange Club of East Dallas is proud to sponsor dozens of First Tee players in the DJGC every year.